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Hi, it’s Eemo (aka Sarah)

Hey fam. It’s Eemo (Korean for aunt), or if you’d rather be formal, I’m Sarah Chetrit.

Do you want to…

What I Do to Work From Home

I’m a travel and lifestyle blogger who teaches people how to make money with blogging, make Korean food and travel near and far.

Pre-covid, I used to travel about 30% of the year! Yup, that’s right. In 2019, I traveled 133 days!
You can find the best travel tips and photos on my Instagram (@sarchetrit).

Post-covid, I’ve been sharing my Korean food recipes on my Instagram (@sarchetrit). You’ll find them in my IGTV mainly or in my Food and Drink guide.

Throughout it all, I teach motivated students how to blog and learn SEO. My free blogging course is in my Instagram bio.

About Me

On a personal level, I’m 33! I lost my dad when I was 2 and my mom when I was 10. I grew up on welfare, worked my way through college and got a job at the Big 4 as a Certified Public Accountant.

When I was 23, I got fibromyalgia and later on found out that I have ulcerative colitis. It’s been a total struggle but really manageable with my job as a blogger.

I met my amazing husband when I was 17. We fell in love, were terrible to each other in our early 20s, learned to love each other in a mature manner in our mid 20s, got married in our late 20s and moved from New York City to Amsterdam, Netherlands where we happily live now.

I’ve been to over 26 countries and love love love food; partially because I grew up hungry a lot, partially because it connects me to my deceased parents and largely because it’s so damn delicious.

Because I’ve been through so much physically, mentally and emotionally, I love to share stories in hopes that you can find some way to make your life better.

About the Links Below

Some of the links below are affiliate links. That means I may get paid a small commission by the company I recommend if you use my link to buy something.

For example, if I post an Amazon link and you buy that Amazon product, then Amazon will pay me a small commission for referring you to them. It’s how I put out free content while still getting paid.

The money comes from corporate’s pockets 🙂

I am super grateful for you using my links and supporting me able to work from home while I heal from my chronic illnesses.

This list is sorted by the date I posted on TikTok from most recent to oldest. It matches the date on my TikTok video. Happy shopping!

2021-8-20 Laundry Plunger

2021-7-14 Nexium via Walmart

2021-6-24 Vietnam Blog Posts: Best Tips or Top Places to Visit

2021-6-24 EU Adapters 1. Small ones 2. with USB ports 3. Grounded circle plugs

2021-6-23 Koreatown Cookbook

2021-6-22 Fibromyalgia Freedom Cookbook

2021-6-7 Arles Mirror

2021-6-2 How to Have the Perfect Picnic:
– Tray (Walmart US / IKEA US site / IKEA NL site)
-Folding chair (Exact one from the US / Similar one in the NL)
-SodaStream (US site / NL Bol)

2021-5-22 Aruba Flamingo Day Pass
Passes are currently unavailable. Plus you have to buy day of
or day before so buy it when you’re in Aruba
so just save this page for later. For more Aruba activities,
read my blog post: What to Do in Aruba

2021-5-21 Aliexpress Pink Off the Shoulder Dress

2021-4-29 Crying in Hmart

2020-12-11 The Ordinary 2% salicylic acid mask

2020-12-2 Anti Fatigue Mat

2020-9-2 IKEA Custom Couch Covers

2020-8-27 Gut Healing, Collagen Smoothie Ingredients

2020-8-22 Hula Hoop: Amazon or BOL

2020-8-19 BloomEffects Dutch Dirt Mask SK10 for 10% off

2020-8-18 Chemex Pourover Coffeemaker

2020-8-12 Korean exfoliating mitt

2020-8-10 Skin Scrubber (similar one from Amazon US or exact one I have from Aliexpress China)

2020-8-9 Reusable Pantiliners

2020-8-3 BloomEffects Cleansing Jelly; use code ‘SK10’

DivaCup (Menstrual Cup)

Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal

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