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Tips & Insight: Visiting the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam

If you’re not sure what to do in Amsterdam but want to do something engaging and interactive, especially with your kids, then the NEMO Science Museum is the place to go. I’ve been eyeing this museum since I moved to Amsterdam and finally can say that it’s now checked off my Amsterdam bucket list! Read on for my tips and insight on visiting the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam.

See a Beautiful View of Amsterdam From the Rooftop (for Free)

The NEMO building itself is a sight to see because of its sloping rooftop and unique angles. Architect Renzo Piano had to build the structure like this since the museum is directly over a tunnel!

Besides being structurally sound and having appealing design, the rooftop serves another purpose. You can hang out on the rooftop for FREE and get a breathtaking landscape view of Amsterdam from above.

nemo science museum amsterdam

There is both an elevator and stairs from the outside to reach the rooftop where there are interactive exhibits and a cafe indoors. Of course, if you’re visiting the museum, you can reach the rooftop from indoors.

Tip: If you’re a museum-goer, hold onto your ticket so you can use it to re-enter the museum after checking out the view. Of course, if you’re visiting the museum in the fall or winter, you may want to hold onto your jacket instead of putting it away in the locker so you’re not cold outside!

Bring Change for the Lockers

There are free lockers to use at the NEMO Science Museum! Each locker takes a 50 cent deposit, which you get back at the end.

I only had two Euros on me, but there was a handy change machine that gave me four 50 cents when I put two Euros in. Then I was able to use the 50 cent coin in the locker, which I got back at the end of my visit when I reopened the locker and left the key in.

Tip: If you don’t have change on you or anything important to put away in the lockers, then there is a coat check in the locker room and also coat racks on each floor.

I actually wish I had held onto my coat and just left it on a coat rack on one of the floors because by the time I got to the rooftop, the locker room was too far to run down to to grab my coat, and it was chilly on the rooftop!

Go With Kids

The NEMO Science Museum is a wonderful place for kids. I can imagine on a rainy day that this would be the perfect place to go with children because you can spend hours here between the interactive lab, fun exhibits, and hands-on learning activities.

It’s really set up well for parents too as there are toilets and coat racks on each floor and a couple of cafes to feed your hungry ones. Of course, there’s baby changing facilities and even a breastfeeding room, which you can access by asking an employee.

Note: Mike and I don’t have kids. We were one of the few adults there without kids, but we found plenty to do such as watch a psychology video on human nature, take psychology quizzes, check out optical illusions and the science behind perception, and best of all, play DDR!

This museum is extremely interactive and designed mainly with children in mind so as an adult without kids, you will have to search for parts of exhibits that capture your attention. One of my favorite exhibits was the one full of old appliances like TVs, vacuums, and phones. It was crazy to see what they looked like 10 to 100 years ago vs. what we have now.

Overall, I spent most of my time on the Human floor learning about how the brain works and human psychology but found spurts of wonderment throughout the whole museum like this clock made of science beakers, water, and levies.

Get Engaged

This museum is all about hands-on learning and interactive exhibits so if you’re visiting the museum, be ready to get engaged and immerse yourself fully in science! It’s basically like a giant playground for both kids and adults.

Helpful Information

The NEMO Science Museum is only a 13 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station. You can visit their website here, or see on Google Maps where they’re located.

After you go to the museum, you may want to eat at one of these places. The Foodhallen and Pancakes! Amsterdam (specifically the location by the Anne Frank Museum) are good places for kids and families.

You may also want to check out some local travel tips for Amsterdam or find out where to stay in Amsterdam based on where my friends and family have stayed.

Lastly, here are some helpful tips for the Van Gogh Museum if you’re going there.

Enjoy your time at the NEMO Science Museum and in Amsterdam!

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XO, Sarah

Rahul Khurana

Friday 29th of December 2017

The museum is pretty big and seems quite interesting. There is a Science Museum here in Delhi as well. I was planning to visit it. Museums are a great place to learn and gain knowledge of our beautiful and complex world.


Thursday 28th of December 2017

So cool you can hang on the rooftop for free. I haven't been to Amsterdam yet but would love to go soon. Good to know you should bring lockers. The museum looks so futuristic I am sure I would enjoy it even without kids. But probably very fun with kids since they will get so excited.

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