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TrainMore Amsterdam Review

This review on TrainMore was able to be done with a complimentary six-month gym membership. All opinions are my own.

I’ve wanted to join one of the gyms in Amsterdam since the beginning of the year, but with so many options and pricing plans, I didn’t join one until July! Maybe it was more so me making an excuse and delaying my fitness routine, but I really wanted to make sure that I found the best gym for me.

I initially looked at gyms right in my neighborhood, Oud-West, but found gyms like David Llyod and Vondelgym to be too expensive for what I needed. All I was really looking for was some solid strength training machines and a sauna in a clean, no-frills environment.

After talking with my CrossFit loving friend about the various gyms he experienced in Amsterdam, I chose TrainMore. Keep reading to find out why!

Get a day pass here if you want to try out TrainMore asap.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

When I was first looking at gyms in Amsterdam, it was hard to find pricing on a lot of gym’s websites. They wanted you to first come in to get a tour to then let you know how much their monthly fee was. I liked how TrainMore immediately showed me how much a monthly gym membership with them would be.

Even better, for every time you work out, TrainMore will give you back €1.00! If you workout four times a week and sign up for two years, this can make your monthly membership as low as €13.00, which is part of their membership calculator as soon as you head to your site.

According to their website, those who use the gym at TrainMore train 70% more than the national average! Besides being completely transparent and affordable, they are quite motivating with the money back per workout offering.

Note: There is student pricing, which makes the membership more affordable as a student!

Multiple Locations

TrainMore gyms in Amsterdam

Although I’d be mainly working out at the TrainMore gym in Amsterdam central, I often have business to take care of de Pijp. I didn’t want to have to skip a gym day just because I was in a different neighborhood.

Well, TrainMore has multiple locations around Amsterdam and are even adding more! They even have locations around the Netherlands so if you are traveling or perhaps visiting family, you can stick with your consistent workout routine.

Note: Some locations are Black Label locations meaning that the monthly gym memberships that include these locations will be higher for a great reason. Black Label clubs include everything: studio classes, coffee & tea (at some clubs), health drinks, unlimited tanning and more.

If you are on a budget, you can simply sign up for a normal club that do not include all these extra perks.

Get a day pass here if you want to try out TrainMore asap.

Well-Kept Machines and Weights

TrainMore Singel Black Label location
Yup, that’s a DJ booth in the bottom right of this pic. They play at the Utrecht Stationsplein, Amsterdam Koninginneweg and Amsterdam Singel locations.

Having experienced both the Singel Black Label and de Pijp locations, I noticed they have plenty of machines and weights to use for even the most serious weight trainer. The weights and machines are well-kept and cleaned on a regular basis.

Tip: If you want to go to a larger gym, then sign up for a Black Label membership to get access to the Singel location, or better yet, get a day pass to see what your local TrainMore gym is like to see if it’s suited for you before you sign up.

Nice Amenities

Each TrainMore location has a sauna, lockers and showers, which are all included in your membership price.

Black Label gyms included unlimited suntanning, group classes, studio classes and even tea and coffee whereas normal gyms, you can upgrade to add these. I like this option since I don’t take group classes. It keeps the membership at a lower, no-frills cost.

The group classes are definitely unique! Everything from the instructor to the room you practice in are high energy. There’s a range of classes to take such as The High Studios, Brooklyn Fitboxing, HIIT Box trainings and Zenergy Yoga.

Last but not least, you can even hire a personal trainer or work with a physical therapist.

Other Gyms in Amsterdam to Consider

If you don’t think TrainMore is the right gym for you, there are other gyms in Amsterdam that you may want to consider:

  • Gustav Gym – a very luxurious gym best used for personal training; I’ve been here for physical therapy and recommend both Pieter Faasee for Active Release Techniques and Gijs Holthof for P-DTR®
  • David Llyod Amsterdam – a large gym with a swimming pool
  • BBB Health Boutique – a women’s only health boutique with workouts in a hot cabin

If you sign up for Trainmore, definitely let me know in the comments below or by DMing me on Instagram. I’m curious as to what other gyms in Amsterdam are like too!


Tuesday 9th of November 2021

Avoid TrainMore!!! Worst customer service ever - misleading and deceiving!

Sarah Chetrit

Wednesday 17th of November 2021

I'm sorry to hear. What happened for you?

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