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Why Trover is the Trip Planning App of 2020

Update 08/12/20- Trover will be closing down on August 20, 2020.

I’ve never had a trip planning app that I’ve loved. To get travel inspiration, I generally go on Instagram and save any posts of places that wow me. This is all over a couple of months or even a year until I act on this, or rather, forget about all the places I saved.

To get travel information for a place I’ve already decided to go to, I either go on Google, Pinterest and Yelp (for food, of course) and tend to overload my brain. I find myself with a website bookmarked here, a post Pinned here and random scribbled notes in the Notes app of my iPhone.

Being an app minimalist, you’d think that I’d seek out an app that could do this all for me, but I honestly just didn’t know there was something out there that would be both inspiring and informational! That is, until Trover reached out to me to partner with them as a brand ambassador.

Of course, after seeing what this photo travel app was all about, I said yes! The visual and written functionalities have become essential in my vacation trip planner routine.

Here’s why Trover will become your trip planning app of 2020 too!

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Trover’s an Authentic and Functional Trip Planning App

When a user uploads their own original photos to the site then fills out the information required, this becomes known as a “Discovery” and these Discoveries are what make Trover so authentic and functional. What you see is actually what you get… and more.

Discoveries Are Properly Geo-tagged

What I mean is when a person uploads a “Discovery” aka their photo of a place they went to, they need to geo-tag it properly. Not only do you read the exact location of where the photo was taken, but there’s a handy map to show you where it is too.

You won’t have to go searching for a location after seeing a beautiful photo like you might on other social sites. It’s already attached to the photo for you!

Discoveries Have Solid Information

When a user uploads their photo, they also share solid information. It’s generally a mix of background, practical and personal information so you get authentic insight on the photo’s whereabouts.

You will never have unrelated information talking about Monday Motivation or X Steps to Blogging attached to a photo (yes, I’m guilty of doing this on Instagram…).

You will get the exact information of what made this spot so special because that’s what the app asks of you when uploading your photo.

View Sarah @sarchetrit’s photos on Trover

Discoveries Can Be Saved to a List

Instagrammable Places in LA – a photo list by Sarah @sarchetrit

Planning where to shoot Instagrammable places in Los Angeles for my trip in February!

Since each Discovery has a visual image, location and information all-in-one, it makes saving a bunch of Discoveries to a List really handy for trip planning.

What I love about saving to a List is that I have both a visual representation of everywhere I want to go and a geographical one.

Normally, I have to create a custom Google Map to get an idea of where everything is in relation to each but on the Trover travel planning app, all I have to do is save Discoveries to a List and view the Map in the top left of the List.

Discoveries Are Original

Last but not least, all Discoveries on this trip planning app are all original from the photo to the text. They are from real travelers who have been there, done that and now just want to help you plan your trip!

To ensure the authenticity of their Discoveries, Trover even asks for “Original content please!” when uploading.

Trover’s an Inspirational Trip Planning App

Normally within the first month of the year, I have about 4-5 different countries I plan on going to throughout the year, but for the first time in a long time, I really have no travel plans (except LA in February).

Mike and I have been chatting about where to go but the same spots keep coming up in our mind, which is why I’ve headed over to Trover for the ultimate inspiration.

Trover Has Fun Ways to Explore New Destinations

You can get travel inspiration in multiple ways on this trip planning app by checking out the Explore tab. Search places by Great Destinations, Activities, Places to Visit, History & Culture and even Trending places.

Since I live in Europe, I checked out the Europe list and even drilled it down further by clicking on ‘Italy’, which was a fun way to check out places in Italy I’ve never heard of.

But what really got me about the Explore page is that you could discover by interest! Since Mike LOVES coffee, I checked out the Coffee discoveries and was so excited to see all these local coffee shops in the world yet to be explored from Hong Kong to Japan.

Now if we really wanted to, we could travel simply based on coffee recommendations!

Trover Has a Strong Community

What’s different and cool about Trover is its discussion feature, which fosters a supportive community. It’s not just comment-based where your comments might only be seen by the person who posted the Discovery or eventually get lost, but it’s a full-on discussion specific to the page you’re on.

For example, I’m not sure if you noticed above on the Europe Explore page, @Rebecca Berkowitz mentioned that she didn’t see anything about Scotland. @Marlow Ockfen chimed in with a link to the specific Scotland Explore page to help her in the right direction– LOVE IT!

View Sarah @sarchetrit’s photos on Trover

Trover Can Inspire You Based on Location

Not only can Trover inspire you with the Explore pages, but you can type in a location of either where you currently are or where you’re going and Trover will give you suggestions on things to do nearby.

When you click on a specific Discovery, you’ll also see More photos of that specific destination or find other places nearby it.

View Sarah @sarchetrit’s photos on Trover

Now do you see why I think Trover is the trip planning app of 2020? It has the visual aspects of Pinterest and Instagram, the geo-tagging and map features of Google, and last but not least, valuable information like blog posts!

I’ll be using it to sort my travel photos from the past and plan my trips for the year so make sure to follow me on Trover and get inspired to travel!

Thanks for stopping by!
xo, Sarah

Trover is available on your desktop, iPhone and Android.

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