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Vegan Collagen Booster: What, Why & How (Plus Recommendations)

Sharing the best vegan collagen booster from food sources to supplements

A vegan collagen booster is also known as plant based collagen. But considering collagen comes from animals, how can plant based collagen exist? Are plant based collagen supplements even necessary or just part of the recent trend for skin-improving collagen?

We dove deep into the internet to find out everything we could about using a vegan collagen booster, especially for skincare, such as where it comes from, what it does and if you should buy it.

TL;DR: Your body can convert the right nutrients efficiently into collagen without animal sources. This 5-star vegan collagen building peptides blend that contains hyaluronic acid and biotin (great for skin, nails and hair) is perfect for boosting your body’s inherent collagen making process. Get 10% off with code: wholehab10.

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What is collagen?

Collagen is a substantial protein in your body that basically provides structure to your skin and helps your blood to clot.

It not only helps to keep your skin look young and glowing but protects your organs, strengthens your muscles and give structure to your bones, muscles, joints, etc.

Is collagen vegan?

Collagen in the traditional sense is not vegan because it comes from the connective tissues of animals.

It is normally sourced from chicken and pork skin or the bones of chicken, cows and other animals.

Collagen absolutely does not exist in plants.

What is plant based collagen, and where does it come from?

Since collagen is normally produced by animals, plant based collagen is not actually collagen in the traditional sense.

If you see vegan collagen for sale, it is either a:

Natural collagen boosters are generally made from a variety of plant sources that make up a “complete protein” and have a high amount of vitamins and healthy level of fat, which altogether boosts your body’s production of collagen.

We recommend Sunwarrior’s Plant Based Collagen Building Protein Peptides, which also has 14 grams of protein for your daily dietary needs.

What are the benefits of collagen for skin?

As we get older, our body stops producing as much collagen. This can lead to noticeable physical differences such as our skin starting to sag, wrinkle and being more prone to damage.

Collagen can strengthen our skin, increase its elasticity and prevent wrinkles.

Here are some benefits of collagen specifically made from vegan sources:

  • Plant based collagen is rich in all kinds of proteins and vitamins so has more benefits than just for skin and joints.
  • It helps you build up more collagen in your body naturally.
  • No animals are harmed in production of vegan collagen, which helpful for the sustainable development of our environment and bringing the balance in the ecosystem.

Do I need to buy plant based collagen?

Technically, you don’t need to buy plant based collagen since most vegan collagens are actually collagen builders, not actual collagen.

You do need a healthy diet rich in vitamin C, proline, glycine and copper.

Overall, a diet rich in healthy fats and vitamins helps you increase collagen in your body. Foods that include collagen or boost it include kale, bell peppers, mushrooms, cabbage, asparagus and so on.

To make new proteins, you also need high quality proteins that have amino acids such as legumes and tofu.

If building collagen for your skin is a must, then I do recommend buying plant based collagen peptides so that you get all the proper nutrients required to boost collagen production that your diet might not already have.

What are the best vegan collagen products out there?

The plant based collagen we most recommend is Sunwarrior’s Plant Based Collagen Building Protein Peptides.

Not only is it does it help you naturally produce collagen, but it also contains hyaluronic acid and biotin, which helps retain moisture in the skin and promote strong hair, skin, and nails.

It is the ultimate vegan anti-aging blend made from rice, silica, peas, spirulina, leafy greens and more. It has NO soy, added sugar, gluten or dairy and contains 14g of protein!

Since it comes in four flavors (Chocolate, Natural, Salted Caramel and Vanilla), you can easily add it to a smoothie for a delicious meal.

Read why Sunwarrior collage peptides reviews give it 5-stars. Get 10% off with code: wholehab10.

Another plant based collagen supplement we recommend is Anima Mundi’s Herbals Plant Based Collagen.

This is made from adaptogens, herbs and flowers and recommended if you want more of an herbal approach to your collagen production and added protein is not a necessity. Sunwarrior’s vegan collagen booster has 14g of protein.

Read why the Anima Mundi collagen booster reviews give it 4.5-stars.

Lastly, in addition to the above natural collagen boosters, we recommend this liquid collagen for your face.

This vegan collage treatment serum has alguronic acid, microalgae oil and a high concentration vegan collagen that can minimize appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the texture of your skin and strengthen it in as little as 10 days!

Read why Algenist genius liquid collagen reviews give it 5-stars.

How do you eat vegan collagen?

Since vegan collage generally comes in a powder, you can eat it in many ways.

Try adding it to your:

  • smoothie
  • smoothie bowl
  • salads
  • ice cold water
  • juice
  • coffee

Overall, a vegan collagen booster can make your skin look younger and radiant.

You can start building collagen by eating foods that boost collagen or buying plant based collagen powder, supplements and products such as Sunwarrior’s Plant Based Protein Peptides.

Have you added a vegan collagen booster into your diet? What have your results been like? Comment below!

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