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Best Shop for Vintage Dresses (Retro style from the 1950s, 1940s and 1930s)

If you’re looking for vintage dresses that’ll bring you back to the 1950s, 1940s and 1930s, these are the retro style dresses you want.

Back when all I wanted to wear vintage dresses and clothing from the 50s, I searched high and low for authentic-looking retro style dresses or actual vintage pieces.

I had the best luck at local flea markets in New York City, but for vintage dresses online, I was quite picky. Not only did I want vintage looking dresses, I wanted them to be absolutely true to the decade.

Through Etsy, I found the most authentic vintage dresses by an incredible dressmaker who sews all the dresses herself from original, vintage patterns!

Yes, she makes these retro style dresses, skirts and even coats all by herself. Keep reading to learn more about her and her gorgeous pieces.

About the Dressmaker Behind These Gorgeous Vintage Dresses

Screenshot of Jack's Daughter, best Etsy shop for vintage dresses

Jenni Porter is the dressmaker behind the most beautiful, handcrafted vintage dresses I’ve ever found online. Her store is called Jack’s Daughter, which itself has a vintage flair to it.

She uses draft patterns from vintage garments and also from Haslam Patterns, which means she can make you a pattern specific to your size! This is perfect for those who want plus size retro dresses.

I love her vintage pieces because they’re not the typical 50s dresses you can buy on any vintage-inspired store. These are true vintage pieces that people would wear everyday.

Since she hand makes each item, all of her pieces are “one-off” and completely unique.

She has 5 stars and over 1,920 sales rightfully so. Not only are her clothes absolutely unique and sewn beautifully, they are built to last! I’ve had my vintage two piece for 4+ years now.

1940s Vintage Two Piece I Got + Other Two Piece Outfits

Screenshot of listing for a vintage two piece made by Jack's Daughter, best Etsy shop for vintage dresses

A few years ago, I bought this 1940s vintage two piece outfit. It really fit me perfectly (until I gained weight… hence which is why there’s no photo of me wearing it).

I really love the 40s style shorts, which extend almost to the knees and look like a vintage skirt, and the top, which is cut but still offers full coverage. Even better, the pattern is true to 1940s style as she made it from original 1940s patterns.

She advertises this as a playsuit or swimsuit but considering the material is thicker, I opted to wear it as a vintage play suit. It’s really great for picnicking with friends at the park or strolling around the city on a sunny day.

Here are more vintage two piece outfits she has in her store right now (as of May 2021):

1950s Dresses, 1940s Outfits, 1930s Skirts and More

In Jenni’s shop, you’ll find so many vintage clothing items from the 1930s to 1950s, and yes, just like the two piece outfit I got, they are all made with vintage patterns and fun cotton fabrics.

In her shop, you can get your own handcrafted, one-of-a-kind vintage outfits such as:

  • 1960s jackets
  • 1950s dresses
  • 1950s coats
  • 1950s tops
  • 1950s cape jackets
  • 1940s tops
  • 1940s swing jackets
  • 1930s tops
  • 1930s skirts

If you love these eras, you’ll definitely want to take a look through her shop, especially at the coats and jackets. I haven’t seen these types of authentic jackets in other stores selling vintage dresses and clothing online.

Screenshot of Etsy shop, Jack's Daughter, which has the best vintage dresses online

Please make sure to click through and see the coats and jackets in full view. This screenshot doesn’t do her sewing justice.

I have seen more affordable vintage dresses options other places online, but what makes Jenni’s shop so special is that she actually uses original patterns from the 1920s to 1960s and hand makes it all herself.

By shopping at Jack’s Daughter, you know exactly who is making your dress and where the fabric comes from. It is as mom-and-pop as you can get.

Again, if you need, she can custom make you your vintage dress, skirt, top, etc.

Check out Jack’s Daughter for your next vintage dress!

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