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What To Do in Covington Georgia | Vampire Diaries, Hiking and More

Today’s guest post about what to do in Covington, Georgia is by Rebecca McDaniel from Twins and Trends.

If you’re wondering what to do in Covington Georgia, then you need to check out the rich and diverse culture in this small town. Yes, this peach state is known for peaches, peanuts and the home of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Jimmy Carter but there’s so much more here.

One of those small towns happens to be Covington where I reside. Have you ever seen those super cute, quaint town squares that look like they came right out of a movie or show? Well, that’s Covington Georgia. And it just so happens that you probably have seen our square on the big screen such as in Vampire Diaries.

Key Component of Covington Georgia: Vampire Diaries and Other Famous Films and Shows

Taking a picture in front of the clock tower - a staple for the town- is on the list of what to do in Covington Georgia. Vampire Diaries made this a famous spot.

A lot of people don’t realize but Georgia has been a key component in the film industry. There have been some amazing shows and movies filmed here.

A really famous show that was filmed in my small town involves an orange car by the name of General Lee. That’s right. The Dukes of Hazard filmed their first five episodes of the show right here in Covington and the surrounding area.

A show that the younger generation would recognize is The Vampire Diaries. Little ol’ Covington, GA is indeed Mystic Falls, VA. My family moved here from another town in Georgia and I wasn’t familiar with the show at the time. One weekend, we decided to walk around the town square and I remember my daughter freaking out because she saw so many things that were in the show, including the clock tower and the restaurant.

The Vampire Diaries is so big here that they even offer tours that take you to all of the well-known landmarks in the show.

One of my favorite shows on Netflix is Sweet Magnolias. A lot of the show takes place in a restaurant, and yes, that restaurant is here. I took my friend out to lunch one day and we ended up going to this restaurant and I feel like I was definitely fan girling a little bit. It was just amazing seeing everything in real life that I had seen on TV.

Outdoor Adventures

If you’re the outdoorsy type, then Arabia Mountain is the place for you. It’s a gorgeous terrain consisting of forty thousand acres. There are lots of trails for hiking, bike riding and geocaching. If you bring your tackle box and rod and reel, you can even get some fishing done while you’re there. It isn’t too long, making it kid-friendly. And once you reach the top, looking out over the summit is breathtaking.

The peak is so calm and refreshing. Whether you’re needing to get away for a little while, or just want to wind down from a long week, this is the place to do it.

There are a couple of really nice lakes around Covington if you’re in to skiing or wakeboarding. Jackson Lake is about thirty minutes from downtown Covington and is a hot spot for those who like water sports. We used to take our ski boat there and would always have a great time.

There is also Lake Oconee that’s about forty-five minutes away and it is beautiful. There’s a famous hotel that overlooks the lake, The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee. The resort has fine dining, a golf course and a spa.


While you're visiting Covington Georgia, don't forget to stop at the iconic Mystic Grill to eat and people watch. It's on the list of what to do in Covington Georgia.

Georgia is known for its amazing, southern cuisine, especially BBQ. One of those great restaurants is found in the downtown square, Bradley’s Bar-B-Que. They have some amazing food and is a must-have when visiting Covington.

The popular Mystic Grill, located in downtown Covington on the square, is a national icon. It is known for its leading role in the hit show The Vampire Diaries.

I love taking my daughter to the square to sit and watch all of the tourists come through and take pictures upon pictures of the restaurant and the famous clock tower located directly beside it. People come from all over to see these landmarks and we get to live it every day.

Not only is Mystic Grill really neat to see, but they also have exceptionally good food. My best friend and I went on a lunch date there around Halloween and they had everything decorated in a Harry Potter theme. It was so much fun.


There are lots of cute little shops in the square. From antiques to boutiques, you’ll find anything you’re looking for. One of the local staples is Town Square Olive Oil. Here, you can sample olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world. And be sure to bring your wallet because you can take your favorite flavors home with you!

Since I have boy and girl twins and I love matching their outfits, I’m kind of a fashion connoisseur in the twin department. I have a keen eye for the cutest twin boy and girl matching outfits and Maddie Mae Children’s Store has it all together.

Located on the square, they are a charming shop that specializes in children’s apparel and toys. They also have a party room for those extraordinary birthday parties for your little one. This store is a must see for all of you Moms and Dads out there.

The Hollywood of the South

Within the past decade, Georgia has become one of the most sought after locations for filming shows and movies. A major reason why Georgia is on everyone’s mind (no pun intended) is because a few years back, the government passed a tax credit for all productions filmed in Georgia. Who doesn’t want to save money?

This means a few things for Georgia residents: it brought a lot of new job opportunities to the state, you are liable to run into a celebrity at some point in your life, and it makes it easier to be extras in the production since they’re in your backyard.

Some of the most famous productions to take place in Georgia were

  • The Vampire Diaries (Covington)
  • The Dukes of Hazard (Covington)
  • The Walking Dead (Senoia)
  • The Hunger Games – Catching Fire (Hampton)
  • and Avengers – Endgame (Fayetteville) just to name a few.

I feel as though Georgia really is becoming the new Hollywood of the South. There’s something so fascinating about watching a show or movie and recognizing the surroundings.

Georgia, in general, is a great state to live in. Atlanta is an up-and-coming city and Savannah has so much charm. Plus it’s super fun to have a bachelorette party in Savannah.

Personally, I think Covington ranks one of the top cities to reside in because there is so much to do. From the outdoor adventures to the tours, there’s something for all ages. Even if you don’t find anything within the city limits (which is dubious) that you like, there are lots of activities in the surrounding areas.

If you come here, I guarantee you’ll be able to check a few things off your bucket list! Don’t hesitate and check out what to do in Covington Georgia.

About Rebecca, our Guest Post Writer

Rebecca and her twins playing in their home in Covington, Georgia.

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I was born in Griffin, GA and currently reside in Covington, GA. I am a bonus Mom to two of the sweetest souls and a twin Mom to my little miracles. My current hobby is finding the best twin boy and girl matching outfits. When I’m not obsessing over my kids clothes, you can find us at the park or hanging out at the house (hello, pandemic). I enjoy sharing my experiences and finds with you on my blog, Twins and Trends.

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What To Do in Covington Georgia

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