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Comfortable Wide Fit Bridal Shoes (Two Pairs I Own and Recommend)

Want comfortable wedding shoes for wide feet? See which wide fit bridal shoes actually fit me.

Finding comfortable wedding shoes for wide feet was so hard for me! I ended up finding some Ann Taylor heels on sale and added lace appliqué on them. They were cute but not the most beautiful shoes I wanted to have for my Connecticut wedding.

A couple of years ago, while still on the hunt for comfortable heels for my super wide feet, I found these gorgeous wedding booties and art deco blue wedding heels (photos below). Even though they said they’re for weddings, I couldn’t resist grabbing them because of their beautiful design.

But even better, their site advertises all their heels as comfortable. In fact, the two most used words to describe their shows by customers are “stunning” and “comfortable”.

This company doesn’t technically advertise themselves as wide fit bridal shoes, but because they kept touting how comfortable their shoes were, I reached out to them asking what size would be best for my wide feet. With their advice, I either sized up or even stayed the same size and have found them to be the most comfortable heels I’ve ever had– mind blown!

Here are the two pairs of wide fit bridal shoes I recommend.

1st Pair of Comfortable Wedding Shoes for Wide Feet: Booties

Left: Flower Chiffon Wedding Booties | Right: Annalise Art Deco Wedding Heels

For those of you who want something a little more unique and very comfortable while still having a tall heel, I highly recommend these sweet flower chiffon wedding booties.

I have been getting an endless number of compliments on these wedding booties both on Instagram and walking around outside. They stand out, are beautiful, and most definitely, work as comfortable wedding shoes for wide feet.

What size shoe should I get for my wide feet?

I am normally a 6.5 W in shoe size and I went up a half size to a 7 so you should size up 1/2 a size.

At first when I tried them on, because of my super wide feet, they felt snug around my pinky toe but I just twisted the shoes back and forth around my toes. They quickly loosened up after only wearing them for 10 minutes.

They are now my most comfortable pair of heels, and I love that my feet don’t look wide in them.

Lace booties, which are comfortable wide fit bridal shoes
Wide fit bridal shoes worn in front of the Louvre museum in Paris
Wide fit bridal shoes worn on the streets of Paris

How to Stylize These Wide Width Wedding Shoes After Your Wedding

After the wedding, you can easily pair these wedding booties with clothes you already own like a mini skirt or a dress. I wore them with a black mini skirt and lace bodysuit and also a light blue lace dress; both while in Paris and loved the combinations!

See what other people say about these booties.

2nd Pair of Wide Fit Bridal Shoes I Own: Art Deco Blue Heels

For those of you who love the 20s or are looking to use your shoes as your something blue, then these light blue wedding shoes are the perfect pair for you. They are great as wide fit blue wedding shoes because they run a bit big on the width.

What size shoe should I get for my wide feet?

I am normally a 6.5 W in shoe size and I stuck with the 6.5 for these shoes so you should stick with your usual size.

At first when I tried them on, they felt snug around the toes, but after wearing them for an hour they loosened up, and now they are super comfortable to wear since they have low heels. I have walked in them for an hour!

Again, I love that my feet don’t look wide in them. You know what I mean?

To break in the shoes faster, I’ve heard of people wearing very thick socks with the shoes, then using a low heat from a blow dryer around them.

Since they are your wedding day shoes though, if you don’t want to risk it with the heat, then just wear thick socks with them around the house. I didn’t have to break them in with thick socks or heat.

If you opt for these light blue wedding shoes, they would be great as your “something blue”! Check them out here.

Beautiful Wedding Flats Recommendation

From experience, there is nothing more comfortable for us wide footed ladies than wedding flats. Because of this, I’d recommend getting wide fit bridal shoes for the ceremony and switching into gorgeous flats for the ceremony so you be even more comfortable.

Bella Belle has so many beautiful wedding flats, but I haven’t personally tried on their wedding flats so make sure to reach out to them and ask what size is best if you have wide feet!

Bella Belle’s customer service is fantastic and they know their shoes very well so I’d definitely head to their site and look around to see which one of their gorgeous wedding shoes you can wear for wide feet.

From experience, any of their beautiful shoes can be worn as wide fit bridal shoes. Don’t let your wide feet stop you from wearing what you want on your wedding day whether that’s wedding sandals to booties.

Thanks for stopping by! xo.

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Wide Fit Bridal Shoes


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

Love the shoes but how do I get them ??

Marvel Keener

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

Yes love those shoes really would like them in a size 10 wide


Wednesday 14th of November 2018

While both the shoes are pretty, I am gravitating more towards the Art Deco Light Blue shoes. They have the vintage vibe which is lovely. The icy blue colour and the embroidery/beads makes it looks so romantic and timeless. Love it.


Monday 22nd of October 2018

Both those shoes are so pretty and such a unique pair of wedding shoes. It's great that they are made for wider feet (which I think is what most people are!) since you want to be comfortable on your big day :)

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