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Which Zandvoort Beach Hotel to Stay At (All With Beachfront Properties)

If you’re looking for a Zandvoort beach hotel with a beachfront property to stay at, here are a few options including the one I personally stayed in.

Only 45 minutes from Amsterdam is a Zandvoort beach hotel of your dreams waiting for you to book! There are a few options to choose from, which all have beachfront properties, but of course, I’ll give you a firsthand review of the bungalows I stayed in myself.

It was perfect a quick 3 day trip from Amsterdam for two adults with everything you need to feel at home away from home but on the beach.

Keep reading to learn about why you’ll want to book the Zandvoort beach hotel I stayed in and other options for your trip.

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The Zandvoort Beach Hotel I Stayed At

For my babymoon, my husband and I stayed at the Buddha Beach Bungalows in Zandvoort, Netherlands, which is only 45 minutes from Amsterdam. We had so much fun being right on the beach and would recommend you staying at this adults-only beach bungalow when it’s sunny in the summer.

Right on the Beach

zandvoort beach hotel

This goes without saying but the best perk about staying at the Buddha Beach Bungalows is that it’s right on the beach meaning you have the best view of the beach without ever having to leave your bungalow.

You can also leave your stuff in the beach bungalow and enjoy going to the beach with nothing on you but yourself. You don’t even need keys because this Zandvoort hotel has a keypad for you to get in and out– so convenient!

Best Sunset View

Because you’re right on the beach, you will have the best sunset view. Most of the beach clears out by the time sunset happens so it’ll be peaceful and quiet, and you’ll basically have the beach to yourself.

If you want to make it extra special, you can have dinner and wine right on the picnic table during sunset.

See if Buddha Beach Bungalows is available for your stay here.

Fully Stocked With Everything You Need

buddha beach bungalows zandvoort beach hotel

This beach hotel in Zandvoort has literally everything you need to feel at home:

  • Inside you have:
    • plenty of closet space so your stuff isn’t everywhere
    • a very comfortable bed with plushy pillows
    • tons of dishes and cups so you don’t have to run the dishwasher or wash dishes 100x
    • pots and pans to cook
    • a refrigerator and freezer
    • Nespresso and tea kettle
    • towels
    • a broom and dustpan to clean up the sand if you’d like
  • Outside you have:
    • Beach loungers to tan
    • Comfortable wooden chairs to watch the sunset from with big enough arms to put snacks and wine on
    • Picnic table to eat on

You can even login to your Netflix on their TV and cozy up with a movie for the night!

By the way, if you ever run out of anything, you can head to the Buddha Bar Lounge and ask for more of it. For example, we ran out of tea bags and the lounge gave us a handful more when they heard we were staying in their bungalows.

Convenient Location

These beach bungalows are in a really convenient location. Just to name a few things around it:

  • Right above the bungalows are 1) a public parking lot that is €15 a day, which is literally less than a minute from the bungalow and 2) a snack stand, which serves tasty fried fish, fries and soft serve ice cream! I got a soft serve ice cream with crushed OREOS. So yummy.
  • 9 minute walk away is Dirk van den Broek, a grocery store.
  • 20 minute walk away is Ubuntu Strandbar, a boho-chic outdoor restaurant with Balinese food, which I definitely recommend visiting if you like places with a chill party vibe.

See if Buddha Beach Bungalows is available for your stay here.

Other Beachfront Hotels in Zandvoort Netherlands

Just in case you like to look around at other hotels in Zandvoort Netherlands, here are a few options:

  • Thalassa Beach Houses is right next to the Buddha Beach Bungalows and another modern option for a Zandvoort beach hotel.
    • Good to Know: From staying right next to the Thalassa Beach Houses, I noticed there are 12 beach houses: 6 in front and 6 in the back. I would not recommend booking any of the houses in the back because you do not have a full view of the sunset. It kind of defeats the point of being right on the beach.
    • Check out photos of Thalassa Beach Houses here.
  • STRAND21 is a good option if you have a family and need a hotel on the Zandvoort beach that has both a bed and bunk beds for your kids.
    • Good to Know: These beach houses are in two rows similar to the Thalassa Beach Houses. Make sure you are booking the ones in the front to get the best view of the sunset.
    • Check out photos of STRAND21 here.
  • Kaito Beachlodge is a good alternative to the Buddha Beach Bungalows if you want to fit 4 people on the beach because the living room has a sofa bed. In my opinion though, the size of it makes it best for a couple still.

Want to stay at the Buddha Beach Bungalows like me? Book it here.

Thanks for making it all the way down to the end of this post about the Zaandvoort beach hotel I stayed at with other beachfront recommendations.

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Till then, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


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Which Zandvoort Beach Hotel to Stay At

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